Gifts, Meat and Cheese Trays


For holidays, birthdays, parties, graduations, and every other event, we’re here for you. Our spectacular cheese and meat trays make the perfect delectable gift for any occasion. You can find them in our store in all shapes sizes with a variety of charcuterie according to your taste.

We can also bundle together any selection of meats, cheese and bakery items for a gift with the personal touch of your community meat market. If you would like to give someone the opportunity to stop by our meat market and select their own foods, you can purchase a gift certificate right here in the store.

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Meat and Cheese Tray 12″

2 Choices of Meat 3/4lb Each
2 Choices of Cheese 3/4lb Each
12-20 Servings

Meat and Cheese Tray 16″

2 Choices of Meat 1 1/2lb Each
3 Choices of Cheese 3/4lb Each
25-30 Servings

Meat and Cheese Tray 18″

2 Choices of Meat 1 3/4 lb Each
3 Choices of Cheese 1 lb Each
35-40 Servings

Meat Bundles

Bundle One

5lb Chuck Roast
5lb Sirloin
5lb Ribeye
5lb T-Bone

Bundle Two

10lb Ground Beef
5lb Sirloin
5lb Pork Chops
5lb Boneless Chicken Breast
5lb Wieners

Bundle Three

5lb Pork Chops
5lb Pork Steak
5lb Pork Roast
5lb Bacon
2lb Pork Links

Bundle Four

10lb Chuck Roast
15lb Ground Beef
20lb Pork Chops
10lb Sirloin
15lb Pork Roast
2 Tri-Tips